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Recordwith KnowKitThe video collaboration platform

We are the video based collaboration platform for your employees, colleagues and customers.

Record meetings, find important information quickly or ask and answer questions in the easiest way possible. Increase productivity without much additional effort.

Quickly, precisely and effortlessly.



Record your screen (video) and your voice (audio) directly in the browser, no installation or browser plugin needed. Record meetings, trainings, project milestones, software tests or just a note to yourself.


Search your recordings the way you search on Google. Thanks to our algorithms, you will not only find the right recordings, but also the matching sequences within your recordings. Leverage your treasure trove of knowledge recordings, become a sustainable knowledge organization and add value at no extra cost.


Work together with your customers and your team. Share your notes and work-progress or ask and answer questions regarding the recording. Users (Members) can easily edit the recording, comment on it or add notes. Easy communication and collaboration is ensured.


Whether for you, your team or the whole company. KnowKit offers many possibilities of use. Feel free to check out our use cases. Get to know how KnowKit can be used by consultants, trainers and companies.
Asynchronous work

Working remotely can lead to many challenges for companies. Often the scheduling of meetings and the communication within the company are difficult. KnowKit frees you from the hassle of planning so you can get back to creating value. Find out more about how KnowKit supports asynchronous work.

Employee training

80% of the knowledge gained from training is lost after three weeks. This has dire consequences such as declining employee performance and expensive re-training. With KnowKit nothing stands in the way of your sustainable training success. Find out how KnowKit helps employee trainings.

Transparency and innovation

Did you know that one of the main causes for innovation are mistakes? Wrongly, most companies try to avoid mistakes instead of learning from them and using them as a chance to improve. KnowKit knows about this problem and gives you the unique opportunity to not only find your mistakes, but to transform them in a way that brings your company to a new level of innovation to the next level. Find out how KnowKit can improve transparency and innovation.


More than two years ago the idea of the KnowKit was born out of the daily work in IT consulting. Since then we are in the process of developing, trying out and finally to optimize it. A lot has happened in that time, many mistakes were made and a lot has been learned from them.

Completely remote in 8 cities, 3 countries and on 2 continents: this is #TeamKnowKit. We took it as a challenge to work as a remote first startup. How do we manage to work completely remote in different time zones? With #KnowKit, of course. With the help of KnowKit, we record all important things. This makes it easier for us to work in different time zones and to store knowledge in a sustainable way. Thus, we can guarantee smooth communication - nothing has to be said twice and knowledge can be easily looked up and retrieved.

Like our locations, our team is mixed. We consist of Developers, sales people and software testers, who are passionate and committed to KnowKit.

The KnowKit Team


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A free KnowKit demo version will be available soon, so stay tuned. We will announce the launch on our LinkedIn page, so make sure you follow us.

Career @ KnowKit

We are currently not hiring but are always looking for talents in the fields of Development (Front End, Back End, UI), Machine Learning and Business (Sales, Marketing, Business Development).

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